Russell Dorey


Cat 127.  THE BELVEDERE TORSO (STOLEN).  26’’x40’’
Cat 128.  CUPID AND PSYCHE (STOLEN). 20’’x55’’

I moved to live in the south west of France in 1994. We rented a house in a small village called Puimisson near Beziers in L’Herault for a year then bought a big barn of a 'Maison de Maitre' in Cazouls-Les-Beziers.

I came back to England for a week before Christmas in 1997 and during the night of the 21st December the house was burgled.
They took almost every painting in the house and I have (poor) photographs of only these few.

The only painting they left me was the PUIMISSON SELF PORTRAIT (cat 210).


Cat 136.  SHEEP’S SKULL AND APPLES. (STOLEN)  24’’x22’’.
Cat 155.  FIVE GREEN BOTTLES. (STOLEN) 27’’x22’’.
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